Please add postage..Original unless stated with NO.

R 1. German Navy Binoculars
Includes lens covers, straps and carrying case w/straps..Proofs on top of binoculars left side..7X50, beh (T) KF,
385450, right side “large Eagle over Swastika, Large “M” 33055 N”..Optics both are extremely clear and
Binoculars are mint..Carrying case is black with straps and large “Eagle M” on the top..Case is excellent
Plus-quality to the upmost..Scarce item $ 1,500.
R 2. Bar to the Iron Cross 1st Class 1939 Design consisted of Eagle & Swastika on “1939” bar.
Case 1st form to Iron Cross 1st class “1939” in silver on lid..Both items orig & in exc+ condition..
Case issued w/cross on is extremely rare! Iron Cross $500; case $250; Both for $ 700.
R 3. German Iron Cross..E..2nd class..w/ribbon..WW I $ 150.
R 4. German Army cloth patch..E $ 50.
R 5. German Belt Buckle..Hitler Youth..E.. $ 75.