Please add postage..Original unless stated with NO.

R 1. German Kriegsmarine (Navy) Flag exc+..”E/M Wurttembergische Heidenheim a. Brz Adm Hipper RKF1. GY.8 200x335” rope..This flag was flown on
The German Cruiser Admiral Hipper. The above information is proofed on the flag. The ship was named after Admiral Frang von Hipper, commander
In chief of the German Fleet (1916)..The ship was commissioned 29 April 1939 and scuttled 3 May 1945. Included is a 9 page history, battles, etc., from
Wikipedia, encyclopedia which also includes picture. A rare piece of history & documented $ 1,400.
R 2. German Kriegs (War) flag..22” X 36”..2-sided w/robe mint dated “5/11 60 X 90” $ 250.
R 3. German Kriegsmarine (Navy) Flag..minty..”E/M Dr RefehsKrieosf1 100X170” (3’ x 5 ½’) $ 400.
R 4. German Kriegsmarine (Navy) Flag..exc..”E/M K.G. Munchen 150x250” (4’x7’)..rope $ 350.
R 5. German Kriegsmarine (Navy) Flag..exc+..”E/M curt Brduligam Plauen Vegiland 150x250” (4’x7’)..rope $ 425.
R 6. German Kriegsmarine (Navy) Flag..exc+..”E/M R. Kr. F180X135”..24” X 60” ..Beauty $ 375.
R 7. German State Flag “22 X 36”..2-sided w/robe exc.+..German stamp “55 X 90” $ 200.
R 8. German Africa Korp Binoculars..tan..marked “cag Dienstglas”..6x30.. #157308..vg-exc..optics exc. w/coordinates..taken from a German soldier $ 275.
R 9. Japanese Binoculars Periscope w/tripod, case & straps..Binoculars marked “Yashima Tokyo #103278, 8x6”..black..exc. optics & condition..Tripod
Black..exc..Hard canvas case, olive drab w/Japanese lettering on front exc..w/leather fittings & canvas shoulder strap..One pouch in case has orig
Cotton cloth & extra lense..other pouch has tapereRd bamboo rod, 4”..Overall height tripod & bin is 23”..Rare items & especially complete $ 1,000.
R10. Japanese Binoculars & Case Military WW II..Binoculars marked “Nikko Tokyo #571296 Novar 7X49 MM 7.1° “..Optics exc – extremely clear..
Straps & base exc..Carrying Case w/straps..suited for these binoculars..case w/straps gray & exc..very little use..All complete & very collectable $ 400.
R11. Japanese Head Band Pilots wore..36” X 3” rising sun w/2 letters..next to mint..rare $ 225.
R12. Japanese WW II Flag exc..35”X60”..Rising Sun w/Rays $ 225.
R13. Japanese Samari Dress Belt & Hanger..exc..extremely rare $ 375.
R14. German “SS” Dagger w/sheath..blade proofed “RZM 807/36 SS”..blade, handle & sheath exc+..bargain price, only $ 1,800.
R15. German NSKK Dagger w/sheath maker “Gebroger Heller” cross guard marked “Fr”..blade, wood handle, cross guard, minty..scabbard exc+..all
Original..Top collection quality $ 700.
R 16. German Red Cross Dagger w/sheath & hanger..Enlisted type..blade, cross guard & handle exc,.sheath shows some natural wear..leather
Hanger exc. & proofed “Carlbusse 1940” $ 700.
R 17. German Wound Badges: Black.. $ 85.
R 18. German Belt Buckles: (a) WW II..E..Army..$85; (b) Hitler Youth..E..$85; (c) Police enlisted..$80
R 19. German Iron Cross..E..2nd class..w/ribbon..WW I $ 125.
R 20. German Gravity Knife, maker marked..wood and blade exc..original..works properly $ 500.
R 21J. NSBO flag, pole top and pole from 1933 Nuremberg rally..Vg flag is F $ 1,800.
R22J. U Boat Medal w/diamonds and case..1957 style..nice looking $ 125.
R23J. German WW II pocket watch..not working $ 45.
R24J. Paratrooper gravity knife..exc..SMF blade has a little original sharpening..exc..collection quality $ 490.
R25J. MP40 Magazine..98E41..vg $ 95.