13. LUGER, 1925 SIMSON & CO. SUHL, 4”, 9 m/m..#69..Simson & Co. replaced the Erfurt Company
following WW I. This company existed for a few years (1925-1928) and then was replaced by Mauser.
All Simson lugers went to the military. All parts of Simson luger are proofed “E/6.” This Simson was the “69”
mfg in “1925” and dated on top of chamber. This luger is next to mint 98-99%..all parts including the mag
matching & proofed. Refer to Kenyon, Lugers at Random, pg. 226. “This variation is considered extremely
rare..only two examples have been examined.” I do not believe I ever owned a dated Simson..
Extremely Rare $ 5,800.

14. LUGER, K DATE MAUSER, 4”, 9 m/m, #8328..The K Date is the first to bear a letter code instead of the
Year of mfg (1934, 1935)..This K Date is the last variation of four..Each variation had different markings..
This variation has a scripted “S” (S/42) on the toggle, “K” on chamber and some parts have a Gothic “S”..
Original blue 96+ (only small holster wear)..Strawed parts, bore and walnut grips (S’s matching) are
Exc. plus..Scarce variation $ 5,200.

15. LUGER, 1937 MAUSER CODE 42, 9 m/m, #5049y..Completely matching including the mag..Blue 99%
(only slight holster wear)..bore & matching walnut grips exc..Top quality and all original $ 3,500.