22. P-38, WALTHER AC41, 9 m/m..#1771b..First variation – “AC” on trigger guard..Next to mint inside & outside..Walther proofs throughout..
Serials match including proper grips..No upgrade & original! $ 1,800.

23. P-38, WALTHER AC42, 9 m/m..#6559e..Top of the line, early Walther..99% blue..vg+ bore & plastic grips..comes w/proper Walther mag $ 900.

24. P-38, MAUSER BYF44, 9 m/m..#1700d..Dual Tone – Bottom frame is Phosphate..barrel blued..This original finish is correct on some
P-38s 44..Finish 98-99%..bore & black grips minty..Scarce variation $ 1,700.

25. P-38, MAUSER BYF44, 9 m/m..#9977b..Dual Tone,.Barrel blue..receiver & frame phosphate..Minty..blue 99+%..bore & marbleized grips mint..
Proper mag..choice no upgrade $ 2,000.

26. P-38, SVW 45, 4”..#4869g..A hard to find variation P-38. This one is next to mint inside & outside..has two proofs – one fairly common
Star, but also the rare proof which is the Mauser “E/359” on the barrel. This is a very desirable variation. A high quality collectors P-38..TOPS $ 2,600.