24. ASTRA M-300 MILITARY 380, #569021..Small Astra 380 w/German proofs “Waa/251”, blue 98+%..
Bore wood grips..Top collection quality $ 2,200.

25. BERETTA M-34, 32 cal..#618779..Military proofed “Crown/RE” 97%..bore & grips mint $ 1,200.

26. BERETTA M-34, 32 cal..#415604..Air Force proofed..Bird over BF..Next to mint bore &
grips..Original early blue..Top collection $ 1,500.

27. BROWNING M-1922 MILITARY, 7.65 m/m..#87718a..Proofed “Waa 140”..Blue 98-99%..bore mint and
exc. Proper wood grips..Quality and low price $ 750.

28. CZ, MODEL 27 MILITARY RIG, 7.65 m/m..#429938..Complete phosphate 99% except trigger exc. plastic
grips..bore mint..Nazi proofed on barrel & right side of frame..included pebble grain holster..Nazi proofed
& dated 1943..Bargain price $ 1,100.

29. FUMARU, M-37, 7.65 m/m..#723..Rig..Early production w/early blue 97%..bore mint..grips exc.+..
”E/waa 59”..& “Jhv41” proofed..Comes with brown excellent holster, proofed “E/2”..A quality rig for only $ 1,800.

30. INGLIS “CANADA” MILITARY, 9 m/m..#1cH4629..Slide “Browning” F N 9 m/m HP Inglis Canada”
w/Canadian pfoots “M K I*”..Next to mint 99%..gray finish..bore and black plastic grips mint..2 matching
numbered mags, adjustable 50-500 sights, and slot for stock..Also comes w/original exc. Gray canvas
holster..Bonus includes original proofed wood stock “Canadian 1945”..Out of a collection..Never seen one
better or complete..Quality plus! $ 3,800.

31. MAUSER, “M-34, NAVY, 7.65 m/m..#557004..”E/M” (Navy) on right side of frame..Blue 97-98%..bore
mint & excellent wood wrap-around grips..Magazine Mauser Banner on bottom & also Banner on slide..
Comes with original holster..Scarce variation $ 2,400.

32. MAUSER HSC MILITARY, 7.65..#87182..Eagle E/135..Blue 98-99%..bore mint..wood grips exc..
Low price $ 1,300.

33. MAUSER HSC MILITARY, 7.65 m/m, #705936..Early mfg E/655..Blue 97-98%..Walnut grips exc.
Bore mint..scarce variation..Collection quality $ 2,400.

34. RADOM, 9 m/m, #B2824.. Second Variation Military “E/77” NP..minty inside and FB grips..
Very desirable and Reasonable price $ 2,400.

35. SAUER, MODEL 38 MILITARY, 7.65 m/m..#329588..Early mfg..Proper proofed E/37..Blue 96+%..bore mint..
proper “Sauer” grips exc. quality $ 1,400.

36. SAUER, MODEL 38 EARLY MILITARY, 7.65 m/m, #316880..Very early Sauer..high gloss blue 98%..
E/N bore and grips..mfg in 1940..Most of these early Sauers were issued to the military and
come with a black exc. Holster w/white stitching and proofed “cgn42” $ 1,700.

37. SWEDISH 1940 LAHTE, 9 m/m..#67793..Complete Rig..Blue 99%..bore & grips mint..including extra holster..
2 extra mags..tool and Cleaning rod..Top quality and complete..Excellent buy! $ 1,900.