LUGER, 1906/24 BERN SWISS, 4 ¾”..7.65 m/m..#17409..Minty Swiss..blue 99+%..bore, wood grips, strawed parts exc+ to mint..Comes with
lanyard strap & proper Swiss Mag..This luger is all original and looks like new (only test fired)..Included, proper original Swiss holster exc $ 2,500.

LUGER, 1906 SWISS CROSS IN SHIELD, 4 ¾”..7.65 m/m..#14632..Collectors call it “Swiss Police”, although some were issued to the Military
Mfg. leg DWM for Swiss squeeze grip with all proper Swiss proofs..Blue 97-98%..mint bore..exc. walnut grips & strawed parts..All original
w/proper mag..Very desirable..scarce variation..See “Lugers at Random” by Kenyon, pgs. 128-129 $ 2,995.